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Kierland Commons

15215 N. Kierland Blvd.
STE 109
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


(480) 668-3868
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Platella jewelers was founded in 2003 by Hugo Rodriguez in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Our warm and welcoming showroom displays a huge selection of his unique designs and we strive to make your shopping experience pleasant and stress-free. Hugo and our staff will assist you in choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for that special occasion or simply to complement your every day outfit. 

We are engaged in the retail sale of any combination of lines of jewelry, such as diamonds and other precious stones mounted in gold, silver and platinum. 

Our goal is to make you feel confident wearing our jewelry and continue to serve you for years to come. 


Hugo Rodriguez, owner and in-house designer of one of the best edgy and contemporary lines of jewelry of our time. 

With his creativity, imagination, and technical knowledge, Hugo creates wearable pieces of art that go from the most exquisite to the most accentuated and superb jewelry designs.

He balances his eye for what is feminine with a unique style in his ability to create symbolic jewelry connects people with their emotions, personality and taste.

Hugo never imitates, his talent takes him to create a clean-line that shows the uniqueness of his work.

You are welcome to meet Hugo and work along with him on the creation of the jewel of your dreams in his Scottsdale location.