This project extends the life of jewelry that has been mined, manufactured, and distributed. Gemstones and metals in antique jewelry don’t cause further damage to the environment.

The ”R” Project stands for Repurposing, Recycling and Redesigning your old jewelry. You could promote environmental conservation while wearing a beautiful new and one of a kind Hugo’s Signature Collection piece of jewelry!



Taking apart and reusing every element of your old piece of jewelry to create something new, different, and unique.

The durability of Diamonds and Gemstones such as Rubies, Sapphires, Tourmalines, Emeralds, Morganites, etc. are non-renewable. Their sturdiness however, makes them ideal for repurposing.

Broken jewelry pieces can be turned into a beautiful piece of art, giving new life to your family’s heirlooms.




Jewelry recycling comes from refined or recycled precious metals which are no longer in use. Recycling gems, gold, silver and other metals has become more important to people and is a concept that has gained popularity as the reality of mining's impact has become more evident as time goes by. The process of making new jewelry can be tough on the environment and in an increasingly eco-conscious world, it has never been more important to reduce the impact that jewelry manufacturing has on the planet.




It is the creation of a brand new piece of jewelry from an existing one by remodeling it and giving it a new life.

All materials can be used to make a completely different jewel or simply transform a piece into another by rearranging its elements and sometimes upgrading them to turn it into a wearable, unique piece of jewelry. It is a great way to save money, contribute to environmental conservation, and create unique jewelry.

Hugo possesses the capability and talent of being a jewelry designer with the expertise to help clients with their special requests.




We are proud members of Ethical Metalsmiths, the Community for Responsible Jewelry.